As an investor with Ignite Funding, you are probably familiar with self-directed IRAs. Whether you’re just getting started in trust deed investing, or you’re a seasoned investor, you should understand the benefits that self-directed IRAs provide.

Self-directed IRAs are just like other IRAs except you’re put in control to invest in a myriad of options, including loans backed by real estate.

Rather than investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, you can invest into alternative assets like notes backed by real estate (mortgages/trust deeds), tax liens, precious metals, and more. NuView clients tell us that lending IRA money often creates a better return after tax than using personal funds. For most individuals, the interest income derived from lending is taxed at ordinary income tax rates, reducing returns by as much as 39.6% or more, depending on tax bracket and state residency. Inside an IRA, taxes on interest payments are deferred until later distribution. Of course with a Roth IRA accounts may never pay taxes on the gains, so long as the client meets the age and holding requirements at distribution. Also, the freedom to set terms and collateral can reduce risk and increase returns, based on the agreement between the parties.

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As a leading national provider of self-directed IRAs since 2003, we provide:

Detailed communication along every step of your account opening and real estate transaction with automated email updates and personal review from our transaction team

We’re not a call center – in less than 1 minute you are speaking with our staff of trained IRA professionals

New accounts are opened within 24 hours if all paperwork is in good order and all deals can be funded within 48 hours if all paperwork is in good order

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Free education for clients and those just looking to learn more in our office and online, plus quarterly networking opportunities for clients

All management personnel Certified IRA Services Professionals, as designated by the American Bankers Association