For more than ten years, our dedicated team of IRA professionals has helped thousands of clients unlock their IRAs to invest in non-publicly traded assets of their choosing. Check out the testimonials below to see what our clients are saying about us.

I just got a call from Tammy at your office, asking me if I had recently requested a distribution from my IRA account. Evidently Tammy felt that the request that NuView IRA received seemed a bit odd, and the wording didn’t feel quite right. Turns out her instincts were correct – both mine and my daughter’s e-mail accounts had been hacked, and someone was trying to get to my IRA. I took Tammy’s call when I was on the road. I pulled over at a nearby rest stop and changed all of my on-line passwords and log-ins. No one was able to access my accounts. I couldn’t let this go by without letting you know how much I appreciate Tammy and your staff!

For years I was frustrated with the returns I was receiving from my traditional retirement savings plans. It seemed like I was on a roller coaster with the market going up and down, but I was never building the kind of wealth I was looking for from my IRA. Several years ago, I learned about investing in a self-directed IRA by attending a free seminar presented by NuView IRA. It was an eye opener. As a Real Estate Broker, I was comfortable and confident about investing in what I knew – real estate. Over the last few years I have been taking advantage of this, the greatest real estate buying opportunity since the great depression. Today, my IRA is deployed in assets that are earning great income, and I have seen excellent capital appreciation on the real estate that I have acquired within my IRA. About a year ago I started making my real estate clients aware of the concept and many are now seeing great results and enjoying the deferred tax benefits of holding investment properties within their self-directed IRAs. I would encourage anyone that is serious about building real, tangible wealth for retirement to attend one of the free seminars offered by NuView IRA.

I considered myself a fairly astute stock portfolio manager, and I consistently made returns that were in the 6-9% range for my personal 401(k) portfolio until the inevitable “big decline” caused by some external force that I had no control over. By utilizing NuView, I have been able to purchase residential real estate in my local central Florida market that I am comfortable will maintain a long term upward trend. When I include income, appreciation, and eventual depreciation, I easily expect my returns to be in the 15-25% range. By purchasing all cash I won’t be affected by market swings or the pressure to sell in a down market. I would strongly encourage people to diversify their portfolio with local real estate to increase their overall returns.

NuView has:Inspired: They explained to me the high yields their investors were getting and the process of self-direction.

Informed: They have regular seminars on how to invest.

Protected: Self-directing has serious legal ramifications. NuView’s attention to informing me and meticulously following the rules has kept me safe.

Introduced: They periodically have fun, low-key mixers where we can interact with other investors to make new connections. I have put my whole team together by meeting people through NuView.

Encouraged: They know us by name. When I stop by the office, everyone greets me with a warm and welcoming smile. They give me 100% of their time, attention, and expertise.

On top of all of that, I know these deals have tons of paperwork associated with them. When someone else drops the ball, NuView goes the extra mile to see that the deal goes through. No, they don’t give advice, but they give everything else you need to be a successful investor. I am living proof. Oh, about the fees – I do not know what the percentage is, but I do know that the value is well worth it. I encourage you to watch all their videos, read all their articles, and consider using them for your family’s investing.

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