Using a self-directed IRA to invest in precious metals

Precious Metals Offer Stability

Diversifying your assets is the key to success

Financial professionals across the globe agree that asset diversification is the key to success. Uncertain economic conditions, currency fluctuations, and political turmoil can cause investors to seek security by diversifying into precious metals.

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium can all be held within a self-directed IRA at NuView. Since 2009, ten times more gold and precious metals have flowed into NuView IRAs than in the previous years combined. Through licensed and bonded third-party depositories such as Delaware Depository and First State Depository, NuView clients can be assured that their holdings are secure and available for future sale or distribution at their direction.

Types of Precious Metals an IRA Can Hold

Gold Bars and Coins – At present, gold bars with a purity of 24 karat (0.995+ fineness) are allowed to be held in an IRA. They must be hallmarked by a NYMEX- or COMEX-approved refiner/assayer. These bars come in the following sizes: 1 ounce, 10 ounces, kilo (32.15 ounces), 100 ounces, and 400 ounces. Gold coins having a purity of 24 karat (0.9999 fineness) are the only coins allowed in an IRA, with the exception of the 22 karat US Gold Eagle. Readily acceptable for gold IRAs are bullion coins from America, Australia, Austria, and Canada. The South African Krugerrand, which is a 22 karat bullion coin, is not allowed.

Silver – Regarding silver investments, only silver coins and bars with 0.999+ fineness are allowed to be placed into an individual retirement account. These include the 1 ounce US Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and the Mexican Silver Libertad bullion coins. Investors can purchase 100 ounce silver bars as well as 1000 ounce silver bars. Pre-1965 US silver coins (dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars) are not allowed in an IRA because the alloy used in these coins contains only 90% silver, which does not meet the fineness standard.

Platinum Group Metals – Platinum and palladium bars and coins of 0.9995+ fineness can also be placed into a precious metal IRA. Both the US and Canadian Mints make 1 ounce platinum coins. Other countries, such as Great Britain and Australia, have 1 ounce platinum coins that are not as well-known but still qualify for placement in an IRA. All platinum and palladium bars and coins must be from a NYMEX or COMEX approved refiner/assayer.

Buying Precious Metals within an IRA

Step OneSet Up
1) Set-up and fund a self-directed IRA with NuView IRA
Step TwoIdentify
2) Identify the precious metals dealer the IRA will buy from and determine the metals to be purchased
Step ThreeSubmit
3) Submit a Purchase Authorization and the invoice from the metals dealer.

As a self-directed IRA administrator, NuView IRA will send the funds to the dealer along with a packing slip for the depository. The metals will be shipped directly to the depository and you will be notified via email upon their arrival.

Buying Precious Metals Within an IRA

Precious metals could protect other IRA holdings from value swings

Whether the purchase of precious metals is for defensive reasons, or simply for appreciation, holding the asset inside an IRA will protect the gains against taxation. If the metals are held within a Roth IRA, the gains could be tax free. Additionally, some investors claim precious metals could protect other IRA holdings from value swings based on currency values or other deterioration of economic conditions. Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Pladium are also easy to value and are very liquid, providing quick assessment and distribution when needed.

What Happens Once an IRA Purchases Precious Metals?

Once the Purchase Authorization is processed by NuView, we will send the funds to the dealer along with a packing slip for the depository. The metals will be shipped directly to the depository, and the investor will be notified via email upon the arrival of the metals at the depository.

While some clients seek to actively sell or add to their precious metal assets, most simply choose to retain their assets for the long term, as a hedge against other market movements. Holding requires no additional effort on behalf of the client. To trigger a future sale, a client must simply direct NuView to ship the metals to the metals dealer of the their choice. The depository will insure and ship the metals as directed, and the dealer will sell the metals per the client’s instruction. The proceeds from the sale will be deposited into the client’s IRA account, either tax-deferred or, in the case of a Roth IRA, any gains would be tax free.

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