Education and Continuing Education

We provide of free continuing education courses for CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, and real estate professionals as we recognize there is a lot of information published on IRAs, most of which is widely available on the Internet. In addition to accredited continuing education courses, we offer introductory and advanced classes on self-directed IRAs geared toward the individual investor looking to grow a retirement account.

Regardless of how you educate yourself, we are absolutely convinced that the best IRA investor is one that is fully informed, both to the viability of the investment and the rules and regulations of the IRA.

Each self-directed IRA account-holder has the complete responsibility to do the due diligence on every investment, selecting assets that meet the risk tolerance and returns desired by the investor. A separate yet important task is to invest the IRA in such a way that it will not cause a prohibited transaction, an unplanned tax liability, or an ownership issue that may constrain future transactions.

The goal of our site to both ignite your imagination to the possibilities and power of self-directed IRAs, as well as to teach you the boundaries established by the IRS and the Department of Labor.

Take control of your retirement, or your client’s, by using our IRA knowledge to your advantage. For more information, select one of our free workshops closest to you:

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